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  2. Frigidaire LFEF3054TFJ Range Service Tech Sheet and Parts List View File Pub Tech Sheet 808532575 Pub Parts List 5995718797 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 12/28/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  3. Kenmore Whirlpool 665.13473N410 Dishwasher Tech Sheet View File PUB W10610059 Submitter Vance R Submitted 12/28/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  4. Are you positive the lid is actually locked. It may check good electrically but if it doesn't fiscally lock it won't start a cycle. Check to see if it actually is locked.
  5. Uploaded tech sheet w10610059 for 66513473n410 pending approval:
  6. Hi, Compressor of fridge not starting not even fan or lights. No voltages at the wire that provide power to relay (connected to compressor) GE fridge model # GSRC3QGZAFWW. Is that a bad main board
  7. AWN632SP116TW02 tech sheet needed. Thanks!!!
  8. Please see photo. There is a sticker on the back with handwritten model 86961. I have talked to multiple sources regarding this vintage microwave. Partselect and SearsPartsdirect were not helpful. They said that model number relates to nothing. Perhaps someone can help me identify this microwave. It turns on and heats for no more than 3 min, then the timer continues but the heat goes off. Sounds like a hi limit thermostat issue, but I don't know. Any help with identification or parts needed would be appreciated.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Pub Tech Sheet 808532575 Pub Parts List 5995718797
  10. Uploading service data sheet and parts list and waiting on approval:
  11. LFEF3054TFJ Range tech sheet 808532575 needed. Thanks!!
  12. Does anyone have the tech sheet for this washer? I know how to put it in diagnostic mode, but not how to get error codes.
  13. Yesterday
  14. You can try this one to see if it is closer:
  15. Are there only 2 yellow wires, and no black or white wire? Use your meter across the wires while disconnected to determine if there is power and neutral/ground (depending whether the circuit is AC or DC). Then do a continuity check on the other ends going to the switch to determine whether the switch is normally open or normally closed. Most are normally closed, but this could be an exception. Then connect the wires again and verify your theory by checking for voltage across the wires while connected. This will tell you if it is safe to short them.
  16. I cannot find an accurate wiring diagram.
  17. Unplugging did nothing. I had it unplugged mutliplee times before changing the motor. Then before testing it, I figured I'd try to cut the yellow wire to see if the display turns into service mode. Cut it, plug it in and now it shows 50 cents. So I unplugged, reconnected the wire, cut the other yellow wire, same thing. Connected wire, dryer runs full cycle on 50 cents. Disconnected and reconncted the coin harness only, no change. I know how to change the price, just have to get into the service mode and that requires me to open the service door which releases the switch. Then display turns into service mode. I tried immitating the open switch by cutting the yellow wire. But it's possible that the switch is normally open and closes when door is opened, which would explain why cutting wire doesn't work. I'm not doing to short the yellow wires without a schematic to see if that theory is correct. I'd hate to fry the board that's NLA.
  18. I was setting the oven temp and lower door locked on its own. Tried turning power breaker off and on,(didn't help), tried turning cleaning cycle on and off (after which I got F9-1 and F9-2 codes, but oven still locked). I was able to manually open it with a coat hanger. But to keep this from happening again, would it work to just cut off the latch at the front of the oven when it meets the oven door? Or do you have another idea? I don't think they even make the door latch assembly for this oven anymore, and I would rather avoid doing that repair anyway. Now the oven comes on normally, but I don't want to close the door all the way for fear this will happen again.
  19. Any idea what the deal is when WP shows multiple versions of the same document? Is there a way to know which is correct or is there something else going on?
  20. Son of Samurai

    Samsung NZ36M9880UB

    Here you go:
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Samsung NZ36M9880UB/AA Cooktop Service Manual
  22. Samsung NZ36M9880UB/AA Cooktop Service Manual View File Samsung NZ36M9880UB/AA Cooktop Service Manual Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 12/28/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
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