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One Simple Trick to Reading LG and Samsung Schematics

Son of Samurai


Both of the big Korean manufacturers -- LG and Samsung -- have a little trick that they like to use in their schematics. While I think they do it to keep the lines from becoming too much of a tangled mess, it can sometimes be a bit unclear for the uninitiated. Here's an example of an LG refrigerator schematic:

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 10.46.04 PM.png

The whole picture is a bit much, but notice all those bubbles popping up around the schematic? Let's pick one of those and focus in on it. Here's one coming off the sub PCB:


What do you do when you have a wire that ends in a labelled bubble like this? Turns out it's nothing complicated. In fact, it's pretty intuitive. All you have to do is look for the bubble with the matching letter


And here's the other A, right at CON2-3 on the main control board. All those bubbles are showing is that those two points are directly connected. Imagine it as if the line simply ran straight between those two points. Nothing more complicated than that.

Let's take a look at one more example. Here's point R, coming off the display board.


Where's that one go? Well, let's take a look...


There it is -- connecting right back to the main control again.

A very simple concept, but it's not something that a lot of American manufacturers use for their schematics, so it can throw you when you first encounter it.

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