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How Refrigerant Absorbs Heat Without Getting Hotter

Son of Samurai


Refrigeration can seem a bit like magic -- how does a little bit of refrigerant being pushed around in some metal tubes somehow chill a freezer down to 0 degrees F? Well, it's not magic -- it's just physics. But granted, it's an aspect of physics that we don't often interact with in our daily lives, and it can be a bit unintuitive at first.

It all has to do with how a material can absorb heat without actually getting hotter. How does this happen? That's what we explain in this excerpt from one of our many full-length technical webinar recordings. This particular one is from our 5-part series on refrigerator thermodynamics. You can watch it below right now:

Want to watch the full thermodynamics webinar series and really understand what's going on inside a sealed system and how to troubleshoot it? Click below to watch the first entry -- viewable only by premium members.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 12.27.36 AM.png

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Tone Blair


Nice! Why have I not watched this yet!!!


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