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About the Appliance Haiku Forum

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

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  • Team Samurai

Haikus are an ancient Japanese form of poetry consisting of three short lines. Rather than trying to rhyme, the lines are constructed to a prescribed meter (number of syllables). In the traditional form, the meter is five syllables on the first line, seven on the second, and five on the third. The last line contains the solution to the problem posed by the first two lines or somehow leads the reader to a

satori moment of enlightenment.

This forum is for haikus, and only haikus-- this present introductory text excepted. Preferably, these would be haikus related to appliance repair. For lots of examples of this, see my appliance repair haikus archives. For a more full haiku experience accompanied by koto music, light up a spliff and savor these Haikus for Appliance Repair.

And now, this introduction reduced to haiku form:

Appliance haikus

Three short lines: 5-7-5.

Last line: Satori.


EDIT: Okay, starting to get doofusses posting appliance problems in the haiku forum. Non-haiku posts in this forum will be deleted.

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Samurai journeys

to a poppy field afar;

A desert cloud blooms.

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  • Team Samurai

Afghan poppy fields,

camels and yaks and harems!

Now stuck in rehab.

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Chasing the Dragon,

Wings aflame with so much Pain!

Best to stick with Beer...

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Washer not draining

shot tub with my gun 5 times

now it is draining

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Haikus are easy,

Bit sometimes they don’t make sense. 


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Ball slices right, deadly right

bounds beyond OB stakes near pine tree  

dashed hopes of making par  



Hope to learn & share as read at this site.

Logan Evans 69 yo - semi-retired indie

Edited by Evans
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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Capacitor blew,

While testing washer motor,

Has it happened to you?


wait this is a poem not haiku..?

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