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ASTI 2021 Recap and Technical Training Notes

Son of Samurai


I just got back from this year's ASTI a few days ago -- a somewhat unique one, styled as "ASTI Lite". While the conference was shorter than usual, I still had a great time meeting many of the fine techs who hang out here at Appliantology and/or train with us at Master Samurai Tech. Looking forward to seeing all of you again at the next ASTI this January!

When I wasn't putting faces to Appliantology usernames, I was attending the training classes put on by various manufacturers. Ever mindful of my brethren who aren't able to make it, I took notes from every class I went to. And for ones where written notes don't cut it, I also took pictures of the slides.

Technical training can always be a mixed bag, but I think each of these training sessions had at least a gem or two. Check them out yourself!

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Thank you so much for putting these up.  Do you recommend joining UASA?

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  • Team Samurai
Son of Samurai


On 7/26/2021 at 4:33 PM, MVrepairs said:

Thank you so much for putting these up.  Do you recommend joining UASA?

Aside from offering live training and networking at ASTI (which you don't have to be a member of UASA to attend), UASA offers online peer-to-peer tech help, training, and manual sharing. Those are similar to many of the benefits that you get with your free Alumnus membership here at Appliantology, so I would say that you should investigate UASA yourself and see if what they offer is worth the membership fee.

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Thanks for sharing this.  Some good information here. 

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Very interesting to see how Whirlpool are differentiating the functionality between brand names with the new GWS. 

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