Discover the Best Kept Secret for Family Fun in Washington State Parks!

Washington State Parks offer a plethora of experiences for families, whether they are looking to enjoy some time outdoors or simply have fun together! Whether you’re planning an epic adventure in our state parks or simply seeking somewhere safe and enjoyable for your little ones’ playtime – these destinations will not disappoint.

Discover the best kept secret for family fun in Washington State Parks!

Visit Kalaloch on the Olympic Peninsula

Just an hour’s drive from downtown Seattle, Kalaloch enjoys a picturesque location nestled within the temperate rainforest on the western slopes of Mount Rainier. This area is renowned for its abundance of flora and fauna, with indigenous species such as muskrat, otter and even the elusive mountain lion making their habitats in between meadows filled with wildflowers; alluring trees such as Pacific silver fir and Sitka spruce that tower overhead; along with mountainous vistas providing captivating views!

For more than 50 years, Kalaloch Lodge has welcomed visitors with exquisite accommodations, delicious meals and exhilarating excursions.

Explore Enchanted Forest of the North near Forks

For those who desire a non-confrontational experience in Forks, Washington, consider a visit to one of its most enchanting spots: the Enchanted Forest of the North.

At their core, these spaces exist as opportunities for people to connect with nature and escape everyday life. The Forest is an ideal place to let off steam – my youngest son had ample opportunity to frolic here while I relaxed amidst the green-spangled surroundings!

Travelers will be awed by the variety of trees at this forest preserve, some towering over 10 feet tall! This makes it easy for you and your family to explore without having to get too close; just take in all that surrounds you from afar.

Enjoy Seastide at La Conner Park

Welcome to the quintessential Pacific Northwest beach experience: a set of sandy shores luring you toward its mysterious bay. Home to La Conner Bay, this site provides ample opportunities for exploration while captivating visitors with its idyllic locale.

The expansive sloping dunes provide ample space for picnics and barbecues as well as opportunities for hiking along its perimeter; meanwhile the secluded cove provides an ideal spot for swimming!

On one side lies a craggy bluff dotted with fir trees, casting a shadowy presence over the pristine landscape. On the other side is a sunlit area bathed in brilliant sunshine where guests can lounge or soak up some rays on their own private patch of sand! If it’s time for lunch then don’t forget about the amenities that are available at this conveniently located park – including access to portable toilets!

Picturesque day trips from La Conner tend to include visits such as those found at Enchanted Bay, Bear Creek Cove and Cleveland Headings – all providing plenty of adventure along the way!

Head to Mt Rainier National Park for Family Adventure

If you’re seeking an exhilarating excursion for young and old alike, then consider visiting Mt. Rainier National Park. This stunning mountain range has been a source of fascination since the early ’20s – when famed explorer George Grosz became its first recorded climber. Today, it remains one of the most frequented parks in Washington’s system; if you’d like to experience all that it has to offer without missing out on these dazzling sights!

At an elevation of 14,410 feet, this mountain is considered the highest in both Washington and the contiguous United States. And while its peaks can be reached via a variety of trails ranging from easy jaunts suitable for youngsters to adventurous adventures designed specifically for seasoned adventurers – all trips end with breathtaking views at their destinations!

Visit the Port Townsend Bay Area Scenic Route

This charming route boasts a wealth of outdoor adventures for both young and old alike. Encompassing a length of more than 200 miles, it is an ideal way to reach out and touch nature!

Let’s start with the basics: this scenic journey begins in our city, Port Townsend – located along the shores of beautiful Lake Washington. It then winds its way through some idyllic neighborhoods before arriving at Shelter Cove; an inviting haven where visitors can enjoy stunning sunsets while basking on its sands.

Learn About Washington’s Early Settlers at Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver was established in 1845 for the purposes of defense, commerce and resource extraction. In addition to its role as an outpost during the Oregon Territorial Period (1848–1859), it has served as a haven for travelers seeking respite from the rigors of life on the journey west; indeed, its location at the confluence of the Columbia River and Puget Sound has been pivotal in facilitating their passage along this corridor.

Today, visitors can explore Fort Vancouver’s past by exploring its many exploratory exhibits that provide insight into its key moments in history.

If you’re searching for a truly educational outing with your family in Washington State, consider visiting one of its more than 400 parks! Discover all they have to offer today!


Discover the array of family-friendly activities at Washington State Parks! From summer camps to winter programs and fall events, there’s always something exciting happening. Take advantage of these opportunities to create cherished memories with loved ones – don’t forget those special moments should be treasured!


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