Discover the Exciting World of Art and Science with These Top Kid-Friendly Museums in New York City!

New York City boasts a wealth of engaging museums for kids, from world-class collections to educational experiences and enchanting settings. Explore the city’s best museums for families with children ages 0-12; let Mom or Dad take you on an educational tour or explore alone – it’s up to you!

The museums below are all ideal destinations for families in search of fun and learning. From art that awes and science that astounds, each has something captivating to offer!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an art institution situated in New York City, United Unfortunately, it was closed for renovation from September 2017 until April 2018; however its doors re-opened in May!

The Met’s collection has amassed more than two million works with around seven thousand of them currently on display. Among the most treasured pieces are paintings by Old Master masters such as Rembrandt and Monet, alongside contemporary masterpieces like Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Though the majority of exhibits aimed at young visitors are set up within the galleries themselves, there are also numerous hands-on activities available to complete while enjoying your visit! Visitors can create their own collages using recycled materials or explore how coloring books have evolved over time by utilizing a vintage book set on display.

The Natural History Museum

Discover the world’s most captivating and fascinating wildlife specimens during your visit to this, one of the most beloved museums in New York!

Appealing to both children and adults alike, the Natural History Museum is a friendly haven for all ages. Visitors will be enchanted by its array of exhibits and learning opportunities, providing limitless opportunities for exploration; yet it has also become an indispensable resource for educating future generations about the wonders of nature.

Explore the museum’s extensive galleries, filled with breath-taking collections of stunning art inspired by natural phenomena from around the world. Discover never-before-seen treasures from Manhattan’s past as well as unforgettable artifacts from our planet’s history that provide an intimate glimpse into days gone by – this place sure has something for everyone! Don’t miss out on being awestruck by the life-size Hall of Mammals – beholding their majesty firsthand is truly an unparalleled experience!

The American Museum of Natural History

Perhaps the most renowned of all nature museums in the United States, The American Museum of Natural History offers an unparalleled array of exhibitions and activities. From its inception as a humble collection of more than 80,000 preserved specimens housed in Central Park, it has evolved into one of the world’s leading scientific institutions dedicated to exploring our planet; now boasting approximately 17 million artifacts!

With nearly 5 million square feet dedicated to examining its namesake subject, there is no shortage of educational offerings at this esteemed institution. From its singular focus on nature-related issues like climate change and animal conservation – which are often depicted through videos, photos and engaging displays – to themed exhibitions that explore specific regions or topics such as insects and dinosaurs’ forays into prehistoric environments; all offer ample opportunity for visitors to get hands-on experience with fascinating relics from across time!

One World Observatory: The Top of the Rock

One World Trade Center – The Most Stunning View in New York!

This lofty 480-foot private observation deck is the crown jewel at One World Trade Center, one of the world’s most famous skyscrapers.

The observatory is a captivating journey for inquisitive minds, offering an unobstructed panorama of Manhattan’s skyline from every angle; from your perch in midtown, it seems almost surreal as you view this city like never before.

For those looking to discover what lies beyond the curvature; One World Observatory offers an unparalleled opportunity for unprecedented views of our planet.

Coney Island – A Trip Back in Time

Coney Island is one of the most iconic places in New York City. It’s ideal for an afternoon stroll or a full day adventure!

En route to Coney Island, be sure to take in the stunning views from Leona Place and the Prospect Terrace Promenade; both offering incredible panoramic views of the area along with its famous Boardwalk. Be sure to snap a photo of yourself here before disembarking as well – it will undoubtedly provide memories that last!

If you’re traveling with little ones, why not hop aboard an old-fashioned carousel? It’s one of the very best rides they’ll encounter while you’re here – so don’t miss it out! You can also explore myriad boardwalk attractions geared towards families like Luna Park; participating in exciting activities such as playing miniature golf or riding on roller coasters!

The Intrepid Sea

Located in Battery Park, this unique museum is dedicated to showcasing the epic history of ocean exploration. Visitors can explore more than 100 fascinating exhibits along with captivating films and immersive simulators; making it an ideal site for exploring outer space!

With such an extensive array of resources at one’s disposal, it will be easy to see why this museum is a hit among families. Be sure to take advantage of their educational programs designed specifically with youngsters in mind as they offer several exciting options each month – from art classes to workshops!

Air and Space Museum

At the Air and Space Museum, you can gain an appreciation for aeronautics—and even embark on a tour!

Discover how the invention of a hot-air balloon led to the founding of this museum; take in a guided tour of the International Space Station through NASA’s live feed; or view one of the world’s most advanced planes up close.

If you’re child has an affinity with aviation, they’ll be captivated by the experience!

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Located in one of New York’s most vibrant neighborhoods, the Brooklyn Museum of Art is an experience not to be missed. This premier museum boasts an unparalleled collection of over 30,000 treasures – from ancient Egyptian artifacts to medieval sculptures; art-centric exhibitions by renowned artists like Joan Miró and Georgia O’Keeffe; as well as more recent acquisitions possessing amazing significance within the field of contemporary art.

The museum provides plenty of opportunities for learning at every turn! Free programs are offered daily that include live performances, hands-on activities and interactive exhibits where kids can hone their craft with guidance from professional artists.


Art and science are two of the most fundamental elements of our existence. Understanding them can truly enrich one’s life, so let’s take a look at some of New York City’s most exciting museums dedicated to this subject!


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