Discover the Hidden Gems: Must-Visit Craft Breweries in North Carolina!

If you’re a resident of the Tar Heel State, then it’s no doubt familiar to you! If not, let me enlighten you: North Carolina boasts an abundance of craft breweries – a veritable paradise for beer lovers everywhere!

North Carolina is home to some of the most delicious craft brews in the country. To celebrate this amazing industry and its prosperity, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite establishments across the state that offer outstanding ales and lagers made with local ingredients!

Crookedest Brewing Company – Asheboro

Hailing from Asheboro, this is one of the most prominent breweries in North Carolina. Conceived by local entrepreneurs who sought to revitalize and invigorate downtown Asheboro with a brewery and restaurant concept; they not only succeeded but also achieved success on more than one level!

Crookedest Brewing Company’s primary premises is housed in the lobby of a historic Federal building known as the Mallett Building – it was constructed in the 1880s and served as an important landmark until 2005 when it was damaged during an arson-related incident. As such, locals eager to explore Raleigh International Airport can take advantage of its convenient location while enjoying craft beer selections alongside Southern cuisine at their establishment!

The Frying Pan – Fuquay-Varina

Founded in 2012, this North Carolina brewery unites a passion for flavorful craft brews with their community.

The Frying Pan is home to one of the most comprehensive selections of local craft beers in North Carolina. In addition to offering more than 150 coveted beers from all over the world, they also showcase up to four NC-made beers on any given day!

Head to The Frying Pan for an experience that’s all about delicious craft brews and socializing with friends. They have ample parking available as well as a wide array of spaces within walking distance; allowing you the chance to mix business with pleasure at this craft brewery!

Way-Back Brewery – Mars Hill

Known simply as ‘Way-Back’, this humble establishment is all the rage in eastern North Carolina, with a solid reputation and loyal clientele. The establishment boasts an inviting atmosphere that harkens back to simpler times while providing alternative options for craft beer connoisseurs; it’s truly incomparable!

The ambience at Way-Back Brewery is phenomenal. The joint exudes a warm, welcoming vibe, which transcends beyond just its interior design choices – patrons can even glimpse glimpses of country on their walls here! Those who enter must first appreciate their surroundings before taking a seat – what better way to savor one’s experience than by basking under the glow of the setting sun!

Birdsong Brewing Company – Henderson

Just a few minutes north of downtown Henderson, you’ll discover Birdsong Brewing Company. This laid-back establishment is an inviting place for locals and tourists alike to savor the local brews.

My visit to Birdsong coincided with the February Release Day event, when patrons are invited to sample as many as 8 different ales before making any purchasing decisions.

Although I don’t typically drink either fruit or coffee beers, I found myself quite taken by this flavorful combination. Their Zen Black Ale was so delightful that it was hard to resist sampling more!

I initially selected Birdsong’s stout on my tour as well; however, what I sampled piqued my interest even further with its robust taste – reminiscent of chocolate!

Tuckahoe Brewing Company – Tuckahoe

Tuckahoe Brewing Company, an intimate brewpub nestled in the serene expanse of a quaint village setting, has emerged as one of Raleigh’s most popular destinations. This nearby establishment prides itself on its esteemed craft beers and food pairing experience: patrons can savor offerings from six distinct selections alongside their meal; providing them with a memorable dining experience!

With its warm, welcoming ambiance and established customer base, Tuckahoe is more than just a place to indulge in craft beer and dine – it has become a destination locale. Its popularity among locals is bolstered by its convenient location along N.C. State Highway 141 – making it accessible to anyone traveling between Raleigh and Chantilly during rush hour (e.g. during peak travel season).

Green Man Brewery – Asheville

Are you a craft beer enthusiast? If so, then take your pick from any of Green Man’s craft brews offered on their menu!

Green Man Brewery prides itself on its world-class beers and renowned cuisine. Owners Tyler and Laura Griffith have created an ideal destination where one can relax in the countryside midst nature while taking in the culinary delights they offer here at Green Man!

This Asheville brewery is situated amid 200 acres of coffee, bourbon and tobacco farms, resulting in a picturesque setting that entices travelers’ attentions. Inside their rustic yet welcoming establishment, guests are able to take in the ambiance of its country atmosphere.

Outer Banks Brewing Company – Kill Devil Hills

Outer Banks Brewing Company is the quintessential beachfront brewery, situated along Nags Head shoreline. Fittingly dubbed the Beaches of Beer, this enterprise has created a haven of relaxation where patrons can savor their suds with an ocean breeze upon their faces!

Established in 2012 and boasting a paltry total of five beers on tap, it’s not difficult to determine that Outer Banks Brewing Company is one of North Carolina’s most popular craft breweries. They are renowned for producing some excellent ales like Sip ‘N’ Slurp IPA and Uptown Brown during summertime; yet more traditional styles such as coconut-infused Hefeweizen and Scottish Ale come into play during colder months!

During your time at Outer Banks Brewing Company, why not take a dip in the crystalline waters of Atlantic Ocean? This idyllic location provides unrivaled opportunities for boating excursions and sunbathing opportunities; both are sure to provide ample entertainment while you’re here!

Olde Glass W/Creek Grassworks by Creek Side Bar and Grill – Morganton

Creek Side Bar and Grill is fortunate to boast an outstanding craft beer selection alongside the signature dishes of Chef Jeff Stroupe. One of the latter is his creation, a succulent braised pork shank that could sustain an entire ecosystem!

If you’re more inclined toward sessionable beers with their own merry mixtures at hand, there are plenty available for your choosing. However, it’s worth noting that even if you opt for something on the sweeter side, such as salted caramel stout or bourbon BA imperial stout – both from Olde Glass Brewing Co. – they still pack quite a punch in flavor!

Not in a Brewery? Then Visit a North Carolina Farm!

North Carolina boasts an abundance of craft breweries, but another product that is gaining popularity among connoisseurs and aficionados alike is locally grown beer.

For instance, both New Belgium Brewing Company and Oskar Blues Brewery have begun to utilize North Carolina’s abundant hop crops in their brews: the former by utilizing Green Comet; the latter by utilizing its dry-hopping method known as No-Li Brewhouse.

At Bessie Ford Farmstead, a family-owned operation located in Albemarle County, visitors can savor ales, lagers and stouts made using age-old brewing traditions while taking a leisurely stroll through its impeccably maintained grounds.


The Beers of North Carolina’s Craft Breweries

North Carolina’s craft brewers have established a reputation for producing outstanding ales and lagers, and it is easy to understand why: these breweries consistently produce high-quality products! From the more than 30 recognized breweries in the state to its expansive array of acclaimed brews such as High Cotton, Poor Boy’s Ale, Southern Hero and even our state’s namesake – the alluring Queen City Beer – there is no shortage of excitement when visiting one of these establishments.

If you are interested in learning more about craft brewing, be sure to visit the Apprenticeship Program webpage or learn more about the process through our informative article.


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