Discover the Hidden Gems of Washington State on Two Wheels: A Cyclist’s Dream Come True!

Washington state boasts an abundance of cycling routes that provide breathtaking views and exhilarating experiences – all at your fingertips! Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just beginning your adventure, these biking destinations will inspire you to pedal further into fresh air.

Have you ever heard of Cycle-O-Rama? Its an extraordinary destination that lies in the heart of Seattle’s Central District: a haven for cyclists and enthusiasts alike. As the capital city, Olympia offers incomparable views with its natural setting; surrounded by majestic mountains and verdant valleys creating a picturesque landscape! Cyclists can explore this epic journey via multiple bike paths which will take them through scenic landscapes along with bustling towns boasting inviting locales complete with coffee shops and bakeries providing homemade treats!

Cycle-O-Rama is an ideal place to embark on your next cycle trip as it provides exciting routes throughout Washington State. With over 1,800 miles of dedicated bike lanes connecting communities across the state, there are plenty of opportunities for biking adventures no matter where you reside!

The Wilder Jacobs Scenic Byway

The Wilder Jacobs Scenic Byway, a 26-mile loop of roadway connecting the historic towns of Goldendale and Concrete, is an ideal choice for bikers seeking a captivating journey. This route boasts some truly stunning scenery; allowing you to take in panoramic vistas while on your trip.

The entire course can be covered by bike without having to stop at any notable points along the way. However, there are plenty of opportunities along the way that make it worth taking time out for a break – so don’t forget those snacks!

What’s Happening on the Lewis and Clark Trail

Washington’s Lewis and Clark Trail spans a total of 3,000 miles across the country – from Minnesota to Washington state. Spanning over 600 miles in Washington state, this is not only the nation’s longest national hiking trail but also boasts some of its most stunning scenery!

The Lewis and Clark Trail passes through 12 counties in Washington: Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant, Kittitas, Klickitat, Yakima, Benton, Clallam and King. Some highlights along this route include Tahoma Vista State Park; an idyllic camping experience if you can find one! If not, there are several cozy lodgings nearby where you can enjoy a peaceful night under the stars before setting off anew tomorrow morning.

Views from the Washington State Route 23 Scenic Corridor

Washington State Route 23 is a veritable paradise for cyclists of all ages and abilities, offering an extensive network of scenic routes that provide a welcome break from the urban landscape and offer captivating views of Puget Sound.

This bike route offers motorists and cyclists alike an ideal option for day trips, weekend getaways and even longer excursions; it also boasts numerous accommodations along its length where visitors can park their car while enjoying a relaxing stay in one of these towns!

A View from the Spokane River Bridges

Upon reaching the Spokane River, I was afforded a view of the bridges that span its expanse. The most prominent being colossal steel arches rising high above; giving cyclists an exhilarating sensation along with impressive photo ops!

Like any other city or town in Washington State, Spokane provides ample opportunities for taking in its natural beauty. This city boasts 420 miles of bike lanes and over 200 miles of on-street routes – making it an ideal destination for those interested in exploring by means of two wheels!

Spokane is known for its wealth of parks and green spaces that beckon visitors with their expanses of greenery and verdant foliage. These provide some respite from the bustling city life, making them ideal destinations if you’re after a more tranquil environment to explore by bicycle.

For those looking for access to more lenient road conditions, consider visiting Spokane’s Idaho Street between downtown and North Idaho Avenue; where car traffic can be quite heavy but with enough space for bikes – making it an ideal route for experienced bikers without too much stress!

The Mount Rainier National Park Gravel Route

Washington State offers cyclists a wealth of options for exploration, but few surpass the Mount Rainier National Park Gravel Route. The Pacific Northwest’s largest national park is located in an area dotted with rolling hills, forests and spectacular views of the mountain range – making this route an absolute must-do if you’re a cyclist!

The foray into the park is simple: pack up your bike and head out on this spur of the Cascades Loop Hwy and take in the sights along its 25 miles of paved loop. Even if you’ve never been to the Northwest, this easy ride is sure to captivate anyone who ventures through it; the meditative pace of cycling alongside the dwellings of ancient trees which span centuries is absolutely mesmerizing!

At each point along this route between Enumclaw (Washington) and Mt. Rainier NHP (Tahoma), there are ample opportunities for refreshments as well as restrooms; with picnic areas provided at every turn!

Castle Rock Vista from Gap Hill

Nestled amid the verdant, forested surroundings of Hildale’s Gap Hill – a treasured destination for cyclists in Washington State; its namesake is an intrinsic element of this route.

Unassuming yet captivating, Castle Rock Vista provides a respite from summertime heat and an opportunity to gain some fresh air while enjoying the scenery. The panoramic vista affords riders with an unobstructed view across Puget Sound toward Tacoma; they can even spot Mount Rainier peeping through the clouds!

On this particular excursion, you will pass by several farmsteads as well as quaint country churches along your journey. I especially enjoyed taking in the bountiful greenery alongside a tranquil stream!

Snake River Mountain Bike Trail in Central Washington

Snake River Mountain Bike Trail is a safe and exhilarating path for road bikers of all levels. Along this singletrack route, cyclists can take in some of the most stunning scenery in Central Washington – as well as opportunities to meander along tranquil riverside trails.

Riding through Boise City, Idaho, I took in the views of surrounding mountains. Discovering a trailhead just off I-84 provides an ideal opportunity to embark upon your journey; don’t forget your passport!

Wearing my sunscreen, I sped upriver toward Bonners Ferry along the Imnaha River. The sun was shining brightly on our quest and provided ample light to navigate by as I rode along its asphalt surface.

After exploring several miles’ worth of enchanting terrain, we arrived at Missouri River Crossing, where basking in sunlight and absorbing the peaceful surroundings was gratifying.


Washington State Biking is a veritable cornucopia of riches! Each county presents its own array of superbly crafted cycling routes, from the majestic Olympic Mountains to tranquil lakes and pastoral meadows.

The state’s myriad landscapes are a delight for cyclists of all abilities and interests, from leisurely Sunday rides with friends to challenging adventures in remote areas. Discover more about Washington State Biking by perusing our content or taking an educational tour!


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