Discover the Secrets to Finding Your Dream Home in Washington’s Evergreen State!

Washington real estate is experiencing a steady ascent, with home values remaining within a relatively stable range. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for savvy investors looking to purchase their dream abodes in this thriving metropolis!

With all due respect to the tech giants, Seattle is undoubtedly home to the most vibrant technology sector in the United States. With Amazon’s headquarters located here and Microsoft declaring its intention to locate 1,000 high-tech jobs at the University of Washington, it is no surprise that Seattle has become known as ‘The City of Tomorrow’.

As we approach 2020, the demand for smart homes is skyrocketing. In fact – according to research from eMarketer – by 2022 over 75% of US residents will be interested in purchasing one! This transformative shift towards an intelligent dwelling may not only provide convenience but also enhance our quality of life by fostering happiness; moreover – it could even yield financial gains!

1. How Much Do You Want to Spend?

In the past, prospective buyers in Washington have had to choose between a single-family home or an apartment. However, with an increase in real estate market demand and costs during this extended economic recession – both have become more accessible!

Be it your first time buying a house or you’re simply intent on getting out of an uncomfy rental situation, determining an appropriate property budget can be quite daunting. Allow us to offer some advice for navigating this process:

1) Establish your desired purchase price range, which is defined as the amount you wish to invest on the property. Typically, 79% of all homes sold in 2016 were under $300K; so even if you’re looking at making a substantial investment – don’t forget there are plenty of options available within that price range!

2) Hone in on properties that could fill any voids in your budget by exploring neighborhoods near job locations, schools or transportation access points. Due to rising costs associated with real estate transactions – meticulously planning what it takes before investing can yield significant savings over time!

2. Where Are You Looking to Live?

Washington real estate can be classified in a vast array of ways, allowing you to tailor your search based on your preferences and needs.

Investors have access to an expansive array of properties available for purchase, ranging from single-family houses to condominiums; affordable apartments alongside exclusive townhouses.

With over 1.3 million residents, greater Seattle boasts the most populous market within Washington state. This renowned metropolis has become a sought-after destination for those seeking both excitement and growth; it is also an ideal place in which to establish oneself as an entrepreneur with its growing tech sector presence.

If you are searching for homes or real estate in Tacoma, don’t hesitate! The city offers a plethora of options for buyers who are seeking cheap real estate assets – with accessible opportunities like condos being particularly advantageous when compared with detached dwellings.

3. What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Washington real estate is full of options, so if you’re seeking something distinctively yours – don’t hesitate to dive in! While Washington’s open-market policies allow homeowners to make modifications and alterations as they see fit, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a single idealized house design will be appropriate for everyone.

Are you searching for a charming cottage nestled amidst the blooming greenery? Or maybe a spacious rancher with ample outdoor space? Whatever your needs may be, there are countless possibilities available. Here are some of our favorite Washington real estate designs:

Take advantage of the allurement of the Chelan River Valley and partake in one of its captivating aspects. The area boasts numerous scenic hikes; opportunities for rafting excursions and breathtaking sunsets that tantalize any beholder!

4. What are the Most Important Factors to You in a Real Estate Investment?

Despite Washington’s abundant nature, finding a spot for a vegetation-free abode is possible in the northwest. Additionally, investors should be aware that there is little need for preparation when acquiring property here – this state boasts an abundance of homes which are already livable!

Regardless of where you choose to invest, consider these five essential factors when selecting your next real estate venture:

5. What Other Important Factors to You in a Real Estate Investment Do You Not Have a Good Idea of?

Practicality is the name of the game, and Washington has an abundance of real estate which meets most criteria. So how can you narrow down your search by factors that are important to you?

The following are some essential considerations:

Investigate the neighborhood’s demographics, crime rates and access to amenities before committing! Check out where one can buy properties in this locality. Investigate what makes the area desirable and ascertain if there are any noteworthy features that may be of interest to you; then use that information as a launching point for further research. Not only will this help expedite your journey towards finding the ideal home but also enable you to make more informed decisions about purchasing such a property – not an easy task indeed!

To explore the vast array of possibilities available in our state, consider starting with a short trip from Seattle to Bellingham or even Tacoma.

6. Use the Evergreen State’s Custom Homes and Neighborhoods as your Guide

Whether you reside in the bustling metropolis of Seattle or the idyllic havens along its coastlines, Washington’s diverse real estate market has something to offer everyone.

If you are searching for a new home in Washington, be sure to browse neighborhoods that suit your preferences and lifestyle. Custom homes that have been designed with you in mind can yield spectacular results! On the other hand if you are seeking out an expansive estate or spacious lot that would make an ideal location for construction then chances are high that you will find what you’re looking for – there are plenty of options available!


Real estate in the state of Washington is flourishing, providing buyers with a plethora of choices when it comes to obtaining a house or condo. With an abundance of properties on the market and an ever-expanding inventory, now could be an ideal time for you to find your dream abode!

Are you interested in learning more about how to purchase a home, browse our blog or embark on a home search? Then please contact us! We’d love to assist you in any way possible.


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