Discover the Top Washington Breweries for a Taste of Local Beers and Flavors – You Won’t Believe #!

Washington’s craft brewing scene is booming, with a wealth of breweries popping up across the state and creating their own unique ales. Washington’s craft beer enthusiasts can enjoy local brews from any one of these establishments; however, if you want to experience something truly unique it may be worth traveling outside your city to try out one of its local gems.

Discover the best Washington breweries for sampling tasty local beers and cultivating flavors that are uniquely local.

What to Do in Seattle

Are you a history buff? Seattleites are renowned for their enthusiasm for the past, evidenced by several museums and historic districts throughout the city.

From art to science and the humanities, there are many options within proximity to this downtown locale. Visiting any of them is an impressive experience! If you’re keen on learning more about our country’s past, then make sure you don’t miss out on these attractions:

Star Trek Discovery Experience at The Moore Theater : This national museum offers an immersive journey into the saga of Star Trek with two floors of exhibits featuring costumes, props, sets – even communicators!

Seattle Art Museum: In addition to showcasing an array of artwork from across time periods and cultures, this facility also houses one of America’s premier collections of Native American craft; alongside its selection of other noteworthy artifacts from across history.

Go to the Washington Beer Awards at the Washington State Convention Center

Washington Beer Awards has quickly become one of the most anticipated events on Washington’s beer calendar. Hosted annually by The Tasting Room, this celebration is attended by aficionados and pros alike as well as newcomers eager to sample the finest craft beers of our region.

This year, I was excited to attend the third annual Washington Craft Beer Week celebration at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Alongside my wife, we made the trek to the event, which featured an array of culinary offerings from acclaimed chefs like Arnie Nudell (Sea Creatures), Amanda Cohen (Manolin) and Aaron Silverman (Big Chicks Diner).

In addition to enjoying delicious bites, we were delighted to sample some of the best beers from breweries registered for awards. As we sipped away on fine ales and lagers alike, we were able to check out the latest accolades for our top picks – be sure to read up on what transpired below!

Tour a Brewery in Spokane

Spokane’s Brewery District is an ideal place to immerse yourself in Spokane’s beer history, with eleven breweries and brewpubs within its boundaries.

Spokane’s largest brewery, Heirus Brewing Company, features a casual vibe that makes it an ideal spot for casual exploration. The sprawling facility boasts an array of modern amenities like free Wi-Fi access while providing patrons the option of sampling special creations on-site; additionally they offer guided tours as well as classes!

From our journey into Spokane’s Brewery District, we discovered a wealth of brewers eager to share their craft and provide exciting insights into everything from brewing processes and ingredients used to even how to best pair food with beer.

Attend a Beer Tasting Event at a Local Restaurant

Washington boasts some of the country’s most popular beer festivals, such as the Northwest Brewers Conference and Yakima Craft Beer Festivals. If you’re an aficionado seeking out more Washington breweries to visit at one of their tastings event like this one, you can gain access to an array of flavors – all just steps away!

One of the most frequented restaurant tours in Seattle, the Third Place Dinner Experience is a great opportunity for foodies to sample special meals paired with select beers from local breweries. For instance, during one recent tour I had the privilege of enjoying a sumptuous dinner accompanied by brews from DevilCraft Brewing Co. and Hops & Grain Brewery; it was an incredibly enjoyable experience!

Join a Seattle Cider Tour

Want to sample craft beers without venturing too far out of Seattle? Then consider joining an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind ciderto explore some of the most talked about cider makers in the area.

Join a local cidertour, and you’ll have the opportunity to try exceptional examples made from fruits such as apples, pears, cherries and quince – all paired with the perfect array of vintages from which they are crafted and served. This quintessentially Northwest experience will undoubtedly be one that is not soon forgotten!

Hit up the Fermented Food Hall at Eastern Market in DC

At Eastern Market in Washington, D.C., visitors may discover one of the most exciting places to shop for fermented foods: an array of more than 60 artisanal vendors offering an array of unique products from chutneys and pickles to kombucha and lassi – accompanied by live music performances!

During my visit to this bustling market, I discovered that a wide range of beers were available here. You can find everything from regular brews like Guinness Black Lager and Sam Adams Cream Stout alongside seasonal offerings such as Ayinger Brau Pilsner or Founders KBS Double Brown Ale which makes it easy to sample a variety of flavors. In addition, you’ll find beers such as the deliciously chocolatey Theo Chocolate Imperial Porter; while those seeking out something fruity can sample the refreshingly crisp Crack’n’Hop IPA with its citrusy aroma or revisit the old friends with such reliable brews as Warsteiner Premium Lager and Heineken beer.

At Fermented Food Hall, I was awestruck by the sheer number of choices available – from artisanal pickles to spicy kimchi, I could feast upon any one of them with ease. Moreover, this location offers musical performances each day without fail; so if your taste buds crave some delicious sounds alongside its food offerings then be sure not miss them!

Tickets to All of These Events Are Out There

Washington is a haven for craft beer lovers, with several festivals and special events that showcase local breweries. These excursions offer an opportunity to sample new flavors and discover new brews!

The Washington Brewers Fest (WBBF) celebrates the state’s artisanal brewers across the country, providing an all-inclusive experience that provides access to over 400 varieties of craft beers from around the globe; attendees can sample up to five tastings during their stay and savor live music performances and other festivities along the route.

At this year’s fest, attendees can sample more than 50 different beers, including rare finds from international breweries and iconic American selections. In keeping with its success in providing consistent programming throughout its years of existence, such as offering one-of-a-kind sessions in past years like ‘Pint Night’ for instance – allowing patrons to dine within proximity of award-winning Washington State craft beers – attendees can expect yet another unforgettable sampling event!

The convention’s recent addition of three days of activity at its recently opened campus has provided ample opportunity for visitors and locals alike to imbibe, from Thursday through Sunday all encompassing Washington Craft Beer Week celebrations as well as educational activities onsite as well as experiencing all that Walla Walla offers when it comes to gastronomy and culture!


Discover the top Washington breweries for a taste of local beers and flavors! From renowned classics to cutting-edge releases, these establishments offer an array of flavors sure to please.


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