Escape to Paradise: Unwind at the Best Beach Resorts in Washington State!

If you’re looking for a serene getaway, look no further than Washington state’s beach resorts! Perch yourself on a patchwork of sand and bask in the glorious Pacific Ocean as it lulls you into a state of relaxation.

As temperatures begin to climb, it’s time to escape from the urban jungle and take advantage of the sun-kissed beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Nestled between British Columbia and California lies this idyllic region that boasts miles upon miles of sandy shores offering unparalleled views of the sparkling ocean – making it one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers across America!

Whether you’re seeking an invigorating surf adventure or simply relaxing at an elegant resort boasting picturesque settings along its coastline, these five establishments are sure to satisfy your desires and leave you feeling refreshed.

Seattle’s Enchanted Forest: An Amazing Seaside Estate in Port Angeles

Located on Castellano Point, this beachfront estate offers breathtaking views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Mount Baker.

Castellano Point is a tranquil haven for nature lovers, offering a sense of seclusion with its panoramic perspectives of Puget Sound and inland mountains reminiscent of Italy.

This enchanted forest estate is a captivating sight from all angles; the expansive grounds provide ample space for guests to roam freely while their horses graze nearby.

Capri at La Conner: A Beach Resort with a Bohoord of Charm

At La Conner, there’s no denying the resort-like vibe – with its classic American style and upscale amenities providing a dose of sophistication.

Capped off by an abundance of vitamin-rich greens and blooms, this hidden paradise boasts over 1500 feet of sandy beach where you can unwind in blissful tranquility.

Gold Bluffs Beach Resort: A Diverse Seattle-area Beach Resort

Discover the tranquility of Washington State’s iconic coastline at this secluded beachfront resort, a mere 30-minute drive from downtown Seattle.

Located in beautiful Ione – a small community on the peninsula about 45 minutes north of Gold Bluffs Beach – Gold Bluffs Beach Resort is your ideal destination for a daylong getaway: its idyllic setting offers guests an array of options when planning their excursion.

With more than 400 acres of sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs offering stunning views of Puget Sound, this compactly situated Washington state beach resort beckons travelers with its enticing combination of relaxation and adventure!

Despite being within easy reach by car (only a half hour away), one can find ample opportunities at this welcoming establishment to enjoy both activities and accommodations like jet skiing, surfing, windsurfing and even kite surfing; while also taking advantage of boating excursions or just lazing around in sunbathing bliss under its protective overhead canopy during high tide!

Sunset Beach Club Retreat: Lush and Private on a Private Beach

Nestled among the immaculate beachfront residences at Sunset Beach Club, this country haven boasts one of the most scenic settings in town. The serene setting overlooks a vast expanse of tranquil powdery sand and crystal-blue waters, offering visitors a spectacular view to savor!

I had the privilege of staying at this retreat during my recent excursion to Washington and was completely impressed by its breathtaking location. You may even be able to spot seagulls gliding overhead while basking in the sunshine – it’s an idyllic experience!

Just a short stroll from the entrance and nestled within the lush greenery of sagebrush and eucalyptus trees lies your abode. amenities include a fully equipped kitchenette designed for taking full advantage of all that Sunset Beach Resort has to offer; one bedroom suite with two queen bedrooms; two person tent setup; and even the option of booking an oceanfront unit with private access to their expansive beach.

Sunburst at the Ridge: A Luxury Spa Resort in the Mountains of central Washington

Sunburst at the Ridge is a luxurious spa resort located in central Washington, boasting breathtaking views of mountain peaks and valleys as well as pristine beaches. This serene haven boasts six unique themed suites, each with its own distinctive design offering guests an ethereal experience; from dreamy to invigorating!

Each suite at Sunburst features exquisite appointments from flooring to décor that enhance one’s sense of wellbeing. The ambience created within these spaces is truly captivating!

Sunburst features three lavish cottages nestled in the midst of the ancient growth forest – similar in style but far more sophisticated than their counterparts found elsewhere on this illustrious island!

The Lodge at Crystal Bay: A Gorgeous waterfront Mansion

Nestled amongst three distinct beaches and towering Douglas firs, the Lodge at Crystal Bay is a luxurious getaway that provides guests with an abundance of amenities for an exceptional beach experience.

Enjoying unparalleled views of the serene Pacific Ocean, this resort boasts a wide array of accommodations. Discover a selection of suites and two-bedroom cottages; each boasting breathtaking views of the sea. Furthermore, there are also more than two dozen rooms within its gorgeous Maile Mansion – all boasting captivating ocean vistas!

If you’re seeking refuge from the bustle of city life while exploring Washington State’s most spectacular attractions, then this extraordinary abode is just what you need! Its location enables easy access to nearby activities such as hiking and biking trails; as well as offering convenient access to many different cities featured in this article too.


Enjoying a stroll along the beach or taking in a game of volleyball is a great way to unwind after a long day.

Discover which beaches have the most alluring water activities, such as scuba diving, kayaking or snorkeling expeditions. You can even find out about ocean-themed festivals with music performances or educational talks on the subject!


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