Get Your Mouth Watering: The Top North Carolina BBQ Joints You Need to Try Now!

If you’re craving some savory barbecue, North Carolina is the place to be! With an abundance of delicious joints across the state offering up mouthwatering meals, it’s easy to find your next meal or two. Whether you seek out classic flavors or prefer something a little more unusual; these establishments offer everything from straightforward barbecue plates to creative combinations utilizing locally-sourced ingredients.

Are you ready to get your mouth watering? Here are the top spots in North Carolina where you can satisfy your barbecue cravings!

North Carolina BBQ Joints You Need to Try Now!

Are you craving that pit-cooked, juicy goodness? North Carolina has more than enough to satisfy your cravings! From the sublime satisfaction of pulled pork and ribs to succulent chicken and savory sausage, these joints are sure to provide a memorable dining experience.

While Forsyth Country Bakery certainly isn’t shy when it comes to offering up scrumptious barbecue fare, we couldn’t resist giving their famous meatballs a try! These succulent all-natural meatballs served with hearty gravy, cornbread and coleslaw are simply divine.

Hickory House Barbecue

Hickory House Barbecue is renowned for serving some of the most savory fare in the state. It’s a haven for culinary lovers who crave succulent meats and scrumptious sides that are all cooked over an open flame.

Chuck Norris, owner/operator of Hickory House Barbecue, has been grilling up tasty treats since 1973. His dedication to crafting mouth-watering barbecue was recognized by winning numerous awards along the way. He continues to be honored with accolades from visitors like us on Yelp!

The Hickory House offers three distinct dining experiences: dine-in, takeout or catering. This spot provides guests with ample room; this enables them to enjoy their meals in relative tranquility without being obtrusive while still benefiting from plenty of breathing space when required.


Durham, North Carolina boasts a plethora of options for any barbecue lover. Here are just a few that stand out among the rest!

If you’re craving brisket, try Durham’s own Flavorart BBQ – an establishment with a variety of mouth-watering offerings from their ‘flat top’ cooking method.

The flavor profile of this restaurant’s succulent offerings leaves no room for doubt; its slow-cooked meats have been tenderized and flavored by vinegar, creating unparalleled taste sensations! Don’t be fooled by the barren interior – its captivating aroma is just as alluring as its tantalizingly aromatic food! A newly installed wooden pit provides an inviting ambiance where diners can enjoy their meal while basking in the warmth emanating from their steaming meals on display. If you wish to immerse yourself even further into your experience, opt for one of its many sauces like creamy mac & cheese and tangy chili that can both complement each other perfectly well; or perhaps even try out its scrumptious turkey option or gourmet sides such Triple Threat Burgers with hearty bacon cheeseburger patty topped off with succulent portobello mushroom – it doesn’t get much better than this!

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ is a captivating picnic spot that serves up succulent barbecue. It’s located in Greensboro, North Carolina – an inviting landlocked city with a population of over 250,000 people!

After a long day of sightseeing, this upbeat restaurant beckons you to come let go and relax. On weekends when the weather forecast calls for rain or thunderstorms, don’t be alarmed – instead opt for a more leisurely meal under the sheltering shades of trees!

At B.B.’s your stomach’s desires are catered to with hearty meals like steaks, pastas alongside scrumptious desserts like pies and cakes. The friendly staff at this establishment is well versed in providing lots of choices while also creating ambiance through their welcoming tone of voice and cheerful demeanor!


Raleigh’s culinary scene has undergone a considerable shift in recent years as its offerings expand to cater to more palates and pocketbooks. Still, despite these impressive results, our city remains well-positioned on the map when it comes to delivering some of the finest food fried or sauced up!

It is difficult to discern where barbecue ends and roulade begins at this eatery – because both are exquisite in their own ways. If you’re after a hearty feast that can satisfy any appetite without leaving you feeling overstuffed afterwards, then Simply Barbeque is your best bet! This North Carolina hotspot prides itself upon its diverse menu; each offering boasting an array denoting just how much flavor it provides.

The Pit at King’s Dominion

If you’re visiting Kings Dominion in Virginia, don’t forget to try The Pit. It’s an award-winning BBQ joint nestled within the park’s amusement area, along with Hog Bayou and Southern Nights!

Our visit was in mid-August; while there were fewer patrons than during our earlier excursion, we still experienced a memorable meal. The service was flawless, as well as the food!

At this North Carolina BBQ spot, I chose their ‘smash plate’ which offers everything on their menu all at once for maximum value – I’d say it was definitely worth every penny!

After savoring my heavenly creation, I indulged in one of their homemade desserts alongside some of their refreshing libations (which included a few craft beers!). When all was said and done, we were truly satisfied with our dining experience here at Kings Dominion – both times!


Are you a meat connoisseur? Are you one of those individuals who relishes savory meats cooked over an open flame? If so, then why not try out some NC BBQ! These establishments offer up offerings that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

At Randleman Smokehouse, we take pride in providing our guests with uncompromising quality barbecue fare from all around the Carolinas. In addition to its exemplary menu, this quaint eatery boasts a variety of country-style rooms perfect for relaxing and unwinding away from it all – after all, there’s no better way to do so than indulging in delicious food and spirits!

In addition to their extensive menu choices available at this restaurant, patrons can also acquire gourmet items like a variety of handmade sauces and rubs as well as exclusive one-off creations.

Dutch Hollow BBQ

At the helm of Dutch Hollow BBQ, you’ll find two brothers with a passion for barbecue. David and Seth Griffin are committed to producing mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite – be it meat-focused or vegetarian!

With its spacious interior, this restaurant affords patrons an opportunity to savor delectable food at their leisure, which is why we highly recommend dining here during off hours when there’s more space available for dining. This place is unassuming and cozy, yet offers ample seating so that everyone can enjoy their meal in comfort.


If you’d like to sample a delicious bite of barbecue in Cary, one of the area’s most prominent options is The Pit at Cary Farms. This esteemed establishment offers up a diverse menu featuring meats as well as sides that provide perfect complements for BBQ – so don’t forget to check it out!

If you’re seeking an easy and casual dining option, consider hitting up one of Wake Forest’s most renowned eateries: Chef Tony Food & Wine. Their roster of mouthwatering offerings takes a decidedly global approach with flavor combinations inspired by countries all around the world – from Italy to Greece; this spot has something sure to satisfy everyone!

If you are craving some authentic soul food, look no further than Blue Sky Restaurant in Hendersonville. This restaurant prides itself on creating flavorful dishes that are full of true southern goodness and warm familiarity – be sure not miss it if you’re traveling through!


In addition to offering succulent pork and beef ribs, Berkshire Hathaway’s Northeast divisions have curated the ultimate pig off-site at their New York facility which provides an array of mouthwatering barbecue options.

Slip effortlessly into the world of true aficionados with a trip to Berkshire Hathaway’s North Carolina BBQ spot, Porkator. The menu is quite lengthy and includes both several ribs dishes as well as chicken as well! Don’t forget about one of our favorite sides – macaroni and cheese – such as this recipe that calls for bacon bits!

Porkator has proven to be very popular among locals, who love sampling from their barbecue offerings. Their flavor profile—which is akin to a cross between Memphis and East Tennessee –has created quite a buzz within the area, so if you’re traveling here make sure not to miss this BBQ hotspot! I highly recommend giving it a try –just remember to reserve ahead of time!


Charlotte, North Carolina is home to an array of top-notch barbecue eateries that will satisfy even the most refined palate. Here are our recommendations:

With an expansive menu boasting more than a whopping 400 different items – including some 60 types of ribs and 20 chicken options – you can be assured your search for delicious eats in Charlotte has come to an end! At this expansive establishment, it’s all about providing clients with unique barbecue styles from around the country while offering authentic sides and scrumptious desserts too.

Hibiscus Restaurant & Bar offers mouthwatering cuisine at its core, but it’s also not short on innovation either! Their latest venture boasts an array of offerings like “scrumptious samosa burgers” or “reconstructed ‘Korean tacos'”; among others – all of which seem poised for success.

The ambiance at Dig In BBQ is one that exudes casualness and affordability–we see no reason why you shouldn’t leave satisfied after consuming their high-quality meats!

Smokey Bones

If it’s your first time visiting a Southern barbecue restaurant, you may be hesitant about ordering food. Don’t fret; Smokey Bones’ menu provides a range of options for different dietary restrictions. They even provide gluten-free buns and sauce options to choose from!

For your entrée, indulge in smoked pork ribs or brisket – accompanied by a side dish if preferred. The restaurant also boasts several dedicated vegetarian options available – as well as non-meat eaters looking for an alternative lifestyle choice. For those seeking delicious sauces that complement their meal without adding unnecessary calories or fat; they offer a wide selection to choose from.

Hickory and Morganton

Hickory and Morganton are two neighboring communities that are rich in history and have become hubs for Southern fare.

This quaint little establishment lies nestled within the mountains with an abundance of bohemian flair; a veritable oasis from which one can savor their wares while enjoying an al fresco meal under the stars – all without leaving North Carolina!

The menu here is rather simple yet flavorful, offering ample choices for those seeking to indulge their taste buds. Don’t be afraid to stray off the beaten path when ordering – there are plenty more options available than just the standard ribs and brisket.

Clyde Cooper’s Olde Town Smokehouse

Clyde Cooper’s has been a fixture in the North Carolina barbecue scene for several years now, and with its focus on authentic cuisine from the South, it is no surprise that this establishment has attained such kudos.

This cozy eatery will surely entice you with its inviting atmosphere and long history. Despite its appearance of age, Cooper’s Smokehouse looks fresh and inviting thanks to its vibrant red walls adorned with vintage posters; including one depicting Carter G Woodson introducing barbecue to America in 1913!


Wilmington is an international hotspot for cuisine, and don’t be surprised if you end up sampling the diverse array of cuisines available in this city. From upscale Italian fare to Indian cuisine, Cajun delicacies from Louisiana and traditional American fare – there’s something for everyone!

If you’re craving Southern-style barbecue, we strongly recommend giving Carolina’s capital city a try! Here are some of our favorite spots:

Chef Kevin Johnson’s two-time award winning Smoke Shack is an absolute must-try for any lover of barbecue. This casual restaurant does not disappoint with mouthwatering meats and tasty sides sure to tantalize any palate with their delightful flavors; it truly embodies what BBQ should be all about!


Though BBQ is a staple of the American culinary experience, there are certain regions in which it has taken on a life of its own. Like jazz or blues music and artisanal cheese, our collective perception of barbecued meats is undeniably tied to their geographic location – so let the smoke rise!


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