Hidden Washington State Waterfalls You Need to Explore ASAP!

Washington State has an abundance of waterfalls, from those that flow year-round to seasonal spectacles that delight visitors with their brilliance.

If you’re planning a Washington getaway, waterfall excursions are an absolute must! Not only will they provide you with ample amounts of relaxation; but they can also be used as an invigorating motivator for your travels.

If you seek out the right destinations in Washington, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore towering waterfalls nestled within scenic valleys or along secluded beaches. These natural wonders offer captivating sights that are sure to delight even seasoned travelers with their alluring beauty and awe-inspiring magnificence!

Tailored to the region’s distinct characteristics, Washington offers a wealth of diverse landscapes ideal for exploring its natural attractions. From temperate rainforests overflowing with abundant flora and fauna to majestic alpine areas offering unparalleled panoramic vistas – we’ve got it all!

Crystal Creek Falls near Leavenworth

At Crystal Creek Falls, you can embark on a captivating journey along a boulder-strewn tributary that cascades over rapids and into a turquoise pool nestled amid towering cliffs.

Experience a truly awe-inspiring setting that’s not to be missed! The aquatic landscape is alluringly tranquil, and its characteristic colors are enchanting; one can gaze in silence upon this captivating sight!

At the top of the falls, you’ll have access to an invigorating plunge pool with an abundance of mesmerizing, aqua hues. After exploring the area around your stunning waterfall, it’s time to indulge in some restful relaxation under the shade of its verdant canopy; just don’t forget your camera!

Deschutes River Falls in Eastsound

Washington’s smallest waterfall, this gem lies within Eastsound’s city limits and is just a short walk from the main street. This secluded beauty offers a refreshing dip into nature’s bounty amidst its tranquil surroundings!

Situated along Hwy 101, the park entrance for Deschutes River Falls is accessible via a dirt parking lot.

Echo Creek Falls in Sonora

Echo Creek Falls is a stately drop of nearly 100 feet from where it emerges from the forested trailhead. For an invigorating hike to this isolated cascade, don’t forget hiking boots and rain gear if you plan on venturing forth on a chilly day!

To reach Echo Creek Falls in Sonora, head east along Highway 108. After 8 miles of driving, take a left onto North River Road. Following this curvy dirt path for approximately 4 miles will lead you to a junction, indicating that you should continue on left as opposed to turning right; this shall prove beneficial in obtaining access to the waterfall!

Snoqualmie Falls near Snoqualmie

Located in the lush environs of North Bend, Washington, this renowned waterfall is one that should not be missed. Featuring three tiers with cascades descending into a pool before reaching the edge of a placid lake beyond; it’s truly captivating!

The lower cascade is where you can spot this spectacular plume of water cascading down from atop lofty cliffs. Quite impressive!

This immense display isn’t often witnessed due to its transient nature, but when it does come through – don’t miss it!

Tahleet Park Waterfall in Pacific City

Pacific City’s Tahleet Park has an idyllic waterfall tucked away within its eucalyptus groves. This captivating marvel is an ideal location for a dip in nature and some tranquility.

Tahleet is Pacific City’s most popular waterfall, with ample parking spaces and access to it via two staircases of varying difficulty. The upper trailhead lies just beyond the park entry gate; however, if you plan ahead there are several options available for those who prefer not to carry their own gear!

Washington State Governor’s waterfall at Sequim

If you’re seeking a refreshing, serene locale for an outing, look no further than to the idyllic setting of Governor’s Rock at Sequim Bay. The quaint town is renowned for its proximity to this striking overlook; it boasts a population under 3,000 residents yet provides travelers with ample opportunities for adventure!

This captivating crystalline cascade has enthralled visitors since its construction in 1959, and the subsequent remodelings have led to some alterations over the years – however, little remained unchanged when we visited during July 2017. Of course, seeing as this waterfall features prominently within the state’s tourism industry, we were not surprised by the multitude of visitors this time around either; however it was still quite impressive seeing how many people showed up here during any given day while offering a truly spectacular view of nature at work!

Mount Stuart (aka “Little Tahleet”) Waterfall in Pacific City

If you’re seeking out a multi-tiered cascade, then make sure you don’t overlook this gem in Tahleet, Washington’s little coastal city.

Encompassing an impressive 103 feet of cascading water, visitors can find Mount Stuart amongst the tallest falls in Pacific County; a truly impressive sight!

The trailhead at this waterfall is located just off Interstate 5, offering visitors a quick detour to explore its tranquil pools before heading back along the highway.

At only $5 for an all-day pass, it’s a steal that even locals frequent. This provides ample opportunity to both marvel at its array of hues and enjoy splashing around!


Discovering the state’s most secluded waterfalls can be an invigorating experience, as well as a relaxing one. Take your time and savor every moment; make sure to bring along a camera so you can capture snapshots of the magnificent scenery!


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