How to use your mobile device to keep your appliances in top shape

Today, we are living in an age where technology is revolutionizing appliance maintenance. The all-pervasive nature of mobile devices has brought about a profound change in how households keep their appliances running at peak efficiency – and there’s no sign of that trend ending any time soon!

Are you curious to discover the tips and tricks that can help you maximize the efficiency of your household appliances? Then peruse through this article for solutions that will amaze all who hear them!

1. Use Your Smartphone as a Remote Control

Don’t be reluctant to use your smartphone as a remote control! The convenience of having one’s own device makes it a breeze to operate various appliances in your home. From turning off lights to adjusting settings on the oven – all you need is an Internet connection and you’ll be able to dole out commands without leaving your seat!

With this nifty application, you can employ your phone as a remote controller for any appliance you may have installed within your abode. For example, if you have a heating unit installed in your house it will come in handy when one wishes to turn up the temperature quickly; or perhaps if that ice maker has broken down then it could be utilized for providing cooling relief amidst summer’s heat – no matter what situation arises it will surely provide ease with which one can accomplish tasks such as these!

You’ll find that there are several features available for you to utilize whenever utilizing your smartphone as a remote control for appliances. These range from basic options like ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ along with additional ones like ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ which can help expedite operations when needed most effectively.

2. Save Time by Broadcasting Your Repairs

If you can’t be present when it comes to appliance maintenance, then you might as set about acquiring everything required for such tasks. However, what if there was an opportunity to streamline this process?

Using your handheld device as an appliance remote control, customers can broadcast live videos of their app or computer-based repairs to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. This way they don’t have to leave home – rather they simply need a Wi-Fi connection!

And let’s not forget that when the majority of people are home from work, they may choose to skip standard routine chores like vacuuming. With this in mind, using a mobile app that facilitates channel communication with your cleaning crew could prove invaluable during peak times of day for conducting housework operations.

3. Capture and Share Photos of Small Parts During Repairs

If you’re not prone to taking any photos during normal maintenance, then consider harnessing the power of your smartphone for its unique capabilities: it’s a powerful cinematic tool that can generate memories and provide insight into the innermost workings of your appliances!

Enlist the aid of your mobile device for capturing regular snapshots of troublesome components. Utilize its abilities to replicate the scene in miniature – along with annotating captions describing their function or any other relevant information. This can prove invaluable when seeking assistance from experts like those at our sister site HVAC-Fix-It!

4. Use Your Smartphone to Automate Light Bulbs

When it comes to lighting, there’s no denying that LED bulbs are all the rage. Unfortunately, replacing a traditional incandescent bulb may require quite an investment if your local hardware store is unwilling to stock them; however, with a little ingenuity you can easily automate this process with your smartphone!

For starters, download the free app Tasker. This Android app allows you to create and save scenes, which you can then use when performing specific tasks throughout the day. In other words, you can program it so that whenever you enter a room where the lights are on (say at home), Tasker will automatically turn them off.

5. Set Up a Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat or Smart Thermostat in Your Home

If you are seeking a simple way to attain greater efficiency and control over your home’s temperature, it may be time for a smart thermostat. These devices can be used as remote controllers or even as an additional device within existing HVAC systems.

By utilizing the features of your mobile device, it is possible to easily adjust the temperature in any room at any time – all while keeping an eye on energy costs. Furthermore, these intelligent technologies also provide users with automated alerts when it’s time for any adjustments! Utilizing this convenient feature could potentially save you money on your utility bills while also ensuring that rooms remain at optimal conditions – all without having to lift a finger!

6. Follow Live Appliance Repairs on Social Media

With the advent of social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, it has become easier than ever for you to keep up with reviews from peers and fellow owners. These platforms make it simple for users to post pictures of their appliances in need of repair; therefore providing an opportunity for customer satisfaction!

If your appliance is malfunctioning and your neighborhood hardware store isn’t open on the weekend, chances are it will be prudent to call upon a trustworthy maid service. With so many options available online, why not utilize it as a viable resource? Instead of trekking all the way over to acquire a quotation – simply send an inquiry via social media platform with relative ease!

The social media sphere offers a plethora of marketing opportunities for those seeking to connect with potential customers. By leveraging your mobile app’s capabilities, you can provide live estimates and access real-time information about any issues your company may have been encountering.

7. Store Repair Instructions on an Electronic Recycling Bin

Are you looking for a concise way to save space and pack away valuable information? Then consider saving all those important details about your appliances in an electronic recycling bin!

If you own an app-enabled device like an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, it is possible to create a personal storage space on your smartphone where you can conveniently store any vital information related to your home. This can come in handy if you have a tendency to misplace items and need some convenient access to whatever you may have left behind from previous outings!

For instance, if you own an appliance that requires regular maintenance, such as your dishwasher or washer/dryer – simply save the pertinent instructions within that app-enabled device so that they can be accessed quickly upon request.


Your mobile appliance maintenance tool of choice can be anything from an app for tracking daily water usage to a mobile device that can help you locate a faucet leak in your home.

With so many options available, it’s up to you to choose which one is most effective and convenient for maintaining your appliances!


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