Rock Out in the Tar Heel State: Discover the Ultimate North Carolina Music Festivals!

The state of North Carolina is overflowing with music festivals, offering a plethora of live performances throughout the year. From small gatherings boasting local acts to massive festivals featuring headlining acts from all over the United States and beyond – there’s something for everyone!

Are you ready to get your groove on at a North Carolina festival? Then buckle up and let’s take a look at them all!

Chapel Hill Cider and Jazz Festival

Chapel Hill’s premier music fest, the Chapel Hill Cider and Jazz Festival, is a quintessential North Carolina affair that unites two of the most renowned attractions in town: exceptional live music performances and artisanal ciders.

The eclectic festival features over 20 diverse acts, including jazz standards like “All Blues” and “Stolen Moments”, as well as more avant-garde sounds like hip hop; funk; reggae; and pop rock among others. Even so, it’s evident that this event remains firmly rooted within its native state!

In recent years, the lineup has grown to encompass a wide spectrum from local talent to international sensation; you know it would be a one-of-a-kind experience when Florence and the Machine fills up Sherwood Court with their mesmerizing tunes!

Don’t miss out on this chance to revel in charming Chapel Hill while enjoying some memorable performances – reserve your space today!

Jimmy Buffett’s Surf City Music Festival

Surf City Music Festival is one of the most enjoyable festivals for music aficionados, with a seaside setting in Wilmington providing a picturesque backdrop to its festivities.

Lasting from mid-June through early July, this three-day extravaganza showcases an array of artists performing live on stage. World-renowned musicians are among those set to perform during this festival; their cozy ambiance and rapport provide a refreshing change from the usual festivals’ hectic atmosphere.

You can expect such headlining acts as Jimmy Buffett, Jason Mraz and Zac Brown Band at this four-day event!

Charlotte Folk Festival

The Charlotte Folk Festival is an experience like no other. For two weeks every spring, locals and out-of-towners alike join together for a celebration of all things folk music.

To kick off the festival’s second weekend in April 2015, hundreds of artists from across America congregated at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Dilworth for over a dozen performances spanning six stages over several days. The lineup featured an array of renowned musicians such as Darrell Scott (Riverside Blues Fest Legend Award Recipient), Michael Daves (The Milk Carton Kids’ drummer) and acclaimed singer/songwriters Joni Ciccarelli and Kevin Ross; along with up-and-coming performers like Angelina Streb-Lavigne and Lissette Segui – only adding to the festival’s impressive array of talent!

Despite its size, you can expect this event to draw large crowds; it has been hailed by Charlotte Magazine as one of the city’s most anticipated festivals in recent history.

Smokey Mountain Blues and Jazz Festivals

North Carolina’s jazz and blues performers habitually gather at the nation’s premier festivals to showcase their art, including Duke Ellington Birthplace Festival and the North Carolina Craft Brewer’s Festival. These events bring together the region’s most exciting artists in addition to hosting jam sessions, workshops and other activities that revolve around music.

Duke Ellington Birthplace National Historic Site is located in Forest City, North Carolina; it serves as a reminder of jazz legend Duke Ellington’s illustrious career. Here, visitors can explore his life through various exhibits dedicated towards his musical accomplishments and legacy. During festival season, live performances are a frequent occurrence at this site: such concerts typically offer opportunities for advanced playing from renowned musicians!

The Charlottesville SkaFest

Charlottesville has long been a bastion of vibrant live music and festivals. In July 2018, the capital city hosted an invigorating event called Charlottesville SkaFest that showcased some of the best ska bands in attendance while also providing participants with a carnival-like atmosphere.

The event was held at The Downtown Mall Amphitheatre in Charlottesville, VA on July 27th, 2018. This spacious venue offered ample space for festival revelers to enjoy their favorite music acts without needing any additional equipment – making it accessible to all!

Charlottesville SkaFest is one of the most beloved North Carolina events alongside Jazz Fest and Craft Fair. Some major attractions include Big Daddys, who pride themselves on bringing out top reggae acts from around the globe. You can also explore vendors selling arts and crafts or partake in food trucks!

The High Point Country Music Fest

High Point’s annual country fest is a quintessential summertime experience. Several stages featuring some of the genre’s hottest artists are set up for you to enjoy; from folk to hip hop and everything in between. Country music aficionados will surely be entranced by this event as they can witness an array of acts performing on its stage throughout the day!

High Point Country Music Festival 2018 is set to take place between June 23rd and 25th, with several performances planned over three days. Don’t miss out on hearing some of today’s most captivating country stars while visiting North Carolina during these exciting weeks!

Spartanburg SummerFest

With its roots in the fabled Spartanburg Summer Festival, one could argue that this local event has taken on a life of its own. It all began in 1972 when four founder families decided it would be a good idea to host a family-friendly music festival in the region – a decision that eventually grew into an annual celebration of live performances and cuisine!

The progressive lineup for this year’s Spartanburg Summerfest features some of the best bands from across the country; many of whom are signed to major labels. Over two decades ago, Bob Gaughan was the first artist to grace the stage at this illustrious event; today we can witness over 200 performances from the top names in contemporary music. What better way to enjoy it than alongside friends and family members who are eager for an evening of laughter and merriment under the stars?

Carolina Christmas Celebration at Carolina Park

At the heart of historic Carolina Park, located in downtown Burlington, thousands gather every December to kick off the festivities with an array of captivating activities: caroling, craft workshops and an evening concert featuring live performances from hundreds of local artists.

Savoring a delicious meal accompanied by live music is like hitting two birds with one stone! This Asheville tradition offers a variety of culinary delights for your palate alongside some scrumptious acoustic performances for all ages.

Food and music go hand-in-hand at this fest featuring both a casual eatery as well as a lineup that spans genres. Whether you’re into rock’n’roll or blues – or even country – there will be something here for everyone!


The sheer number of North Carolina festivals is staggering, but don’t let that intimidate you! Our state provides ample opportunities to indulge in its rich musical heritage, from intimate performances at colleges or high schools to lively music festivals that span several days. Don’t miss out on these all-inclusive celebrations of our beloved musicians – from legends such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan to up-and-coming bands today!

Equally impressive are the array of venues for concerts and festivals throughout North Carolina; from cultural centers like Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill to remote sites like the Outer Banks and historic towns such as Wilmington’s Casquette factory. Don’t forget about all the hotels, resorts and campgrounds along the way where you can enjoy a night out under the stars!


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