Secrets New York Divorce Attorneys Use to Make the Process a Breeze!

The arduous process of a divorce can be daunting, from the initial filing to finalization. In fact, many couples find that it is easier to remain married than undergo such an ordeal!

When contemplating divorce, many individuals are apprehensive about how their case will unfold. They may feel overwhelmed by the cost; or perhaps even more concerned over what will become of their children if they were to separate.

For those who desire an amicable resolution to their marital problems, hiring an attorney is imperative. An experienced advocate can assist you navigate all aspects of the process and guide you towards achieving this goal along with every aspect of your situation – while also ensuring that any agreements reached remain in complete accordance with law.

Communicate with Your Attorney

The initial contact between your attorney and you should occur shortly after the consultation. This is an opportunity for them to ask any questions about the matters that have arisen or need addressing in your case, as well as gain insights from this experience.

Don’t forget that communication with your legal representative is essential! Opt to work through email or phone calls with them; even if it feels inconvenient at first, it could help ensure that both parties are on the same page as far as strategy and expectations go.

Arrange for Spousal Support Prior to Signing the Divorce Papers

Make sure to arrange for spousal support prior to signing the divorce decree. By designating a dollar amount, you can ensure that both spouses share in that sum with the aim of ensuring equitable division between them upon dissolution of matrimony.

For example, if your spouse earns $100k a year while you only make $30k a year and it is decided that he/she should be required to transfer 25 percent of disposable income to you towards alimony payments, then two possibilities may emerge: either your spouse must dedicate a huge portion of his or her earnings towards paying off debts incurred during marriage or provide funds for necessities such as food and shelter; alternatively – one could opt to allocate just a meager portion of their incomes towards ongoing expenditures such as housing costs while also taking care of essential needs like healthcare among others! Ultimately, each person’s circumstances will dictate the most suitable option for them.

Divide Property and Debt Between Spouses Before Signing the Divorce Papers

Finally, before the two of you sign any paperwork related to the proceedings, it is prudent to consider dividing up marital assets and debts between the two spouses. This can be done by employing an attorney with expertise in this area – after all they are familiar with financial accounts, so they could make decisions regarding these matters swiftly!

If there is any disparity between what each spouse brings to the table in terms of assets, then it is likely that one party will have a sizeable advantage over the other. To prevent legal complications arising from this inequality, you should consider consulting an attorney for assistance with determining how marital property should be distributed between both parties.

Complete the Divorce Process Within a Specific Deadline

If you and your spouse have agreed upon a particular time period for the divorce proceedings to be completed, it can prove advantageous as this timeline may determine when any subsequent court hearings take place. Once that date is reached – even if further delay is encountered – then its possible to expedite matters; which could lead to less costly settlements than those granted if such events occur after the initial deadline.

During the course of the legal process, lawyers will often proactively choose the order in which they’ll proceed with events. For instance, some couples decide on remarriage before dissolving their marriage vows; while others opt for alimony payments prior to granting custody of their infant child back over to one parent.

Invest in a Lawyer Who Has Proven Results

When selecting a divorce attorney, ensure they have demonstrated success by racking up multiple cases and winning decisive verdicts. It is essential to hire an attorney who has the credentials to deliver promising results – or else it could result in costly litigation; resulting in financial hardship for both parties.

If you are dealing with contentious circumstances like adultery, spousal abuse or other crimes perpetrated by one’s spouse, it can be advantageous to select a lawyer who has experience in these situations. Furthermore, make sure that your attorney is knowledgeable about the family courts and their procedures- as this could impact final resolution of issues related to custody and child support.

Watch Out for High-Fee Lawyers

If your New York divorce attorney charges an extortionate fee, be wary. This can signal an inexperienced attorney who may not have the experience or expertise required to properly represent you during this delicate time. On average, legal costs can range anywhere between $10-$20K – so when one’s bill reaches into the tens of thousands then it can certainly be considered exorbitant!

Be sure that your attorney is sufficiently experienced and credentialed before making any significant investments in either time or money. The attorney with whom you choose should possess a minimum of ten years’ experience as well as be formally certified in law by the state in which they practice; both requirements establish their credibility and competence.


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