The Top Game-Changing Apps for Effortless Appliance Maintenance!

Whether you’re the proud owner of a home that necessitates appliance maintenance or operate a commercial kitchen, there are certain essential tools that can help simplify tasks.

Whether it’s to save time and effort, increase safety or simply create an aesthetically pleasing space within your kitchen, these apps offer invaluable assistance in completing all sorts of tasks related to cooking.

Handy How To: The Best Apps for Appliance Maintenance

With such an abundance of choices, how can anyone be expected to come up with just one app for appliance maintenance? One might find that, indeed, it’s quite challenging! Nevertheless; if you’re searching for a convenient toolkit for keeping your appliances in tip-top shape without any difficulty – here are some of our top picks.

Handy How To is an indispensable app that enables users to effortlessly identify the exact tools they’ll need when performing tasks on their home appliances. This handy one-stop reference includes over 200+ entries spanning all common household appliances at your disposal!

With this free utility app, you can conveniently locate and access services or products wherever you may be. From locating the nearest ATMs or pharmacies, locating nearby restaurants or even finding out what time stores shut down – these utilities enable users to remain connected at all times while expediting simple errands.

1. IFTTT (If This Then That): Connect appliances to your favorite services

If This Then That (IFTTT) is an indispensable app for homeowners and renters alike. The app allows users to create simple recipes, complete with pre-existing app links or tasks that can be performed automatically.

The two most popular services linked through IFTTT are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you have an existing smart home set up already, this handy little gem can help automate some of those mundane chores!

A recipe could consist of monitoring the temperature in your home with Nest and turning on your outdoor lights when it’s nightfall. A chatty individual living away from home may find it useful to hear any new messages from their loved ones with IFTTT as a means of retrieving them automatically.

2. Wink: Control your smart home from an app

Wink is a smart home app which allows users to remotely control their appliances over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. With its convenient mobile app, you can effortlessly monitor and adjust the settings of your entire home while on the go!

With Wink, you can easily control life as we know it with the help of your smartphone. Install the app, then simply log in with your credentials and within seconds be listening to an audiobook while simultaneously hopping up on the couch with ease – all at once! Wink also comes packed with helpful features such as ‘My Home’ scheduler that facilitates automated tasks in whichever order you choose; so it’s always just like having everyone around for a pleasant chat!

3. SmartThings: Control your smart home from a phone app

SmartThings can be utilized to operate your household devices from anywhere via an intuitive mobile app. With this simple-to-use software, you can monitor and control every aspect of your smart home from anywhere – even when away from home! By utilizing the smartphone app, users can seamlessly connect it to appliances such as lights and thermostats, along with connected cameras; moreover, they can also locate any of their installed smart devices simply using the app by locating its designated ‘best guess’ based on many different factors such as distance or time elapsed since last use.

While SmartThings doesn’t provide comprehensive control over all of your appliances, it’s nonetheless a convenient tool for monitoring temperature levels in various rooms throughout your abode while keeping tabs on energy consumption. It also provides security through sophisticated technology that is able to detect if someone else has gained access to any of your connected devices – providing peace of mind!

What makes SmartThings stand out from other apps is its ability to securely connect multiple devices at once. By connecting these devices together, you can create an interdependent network – creating an intelligent ecosystem for optimal functionality and maximum efficiency.

4. Honeywell Connect: Remote control an entire home via an app

Honeywell Connect is an app that allows you to connect your appliances with smartphones and tablets. You can then remotely control them and carry out tasks like turning lights on or off, adjusting temperature settings as well as adjusting volume levels of audio devices like stereos, hairdryers and more – all from the comfort of wherever it may be!

With Honeywell Connect functionality, you can help keep your home running smoothly at all times by undertaking a variety of tasks right from your mobile device in just seconds!

5. Nexia Home Security System: Get the latest alerts on your phone

Nexia is yet another indispensable safeguarding tool that brings an impressive array of features to your abode. With Nexia, you can keep tabs on not only immediate security but also stay up-to-date about any notifications sent by the system – all from the comfort of your smartphone!

Nexia sends you alerts so that you are immediately notified when there’s any activity taking place at home – be it a door opening or motion detected by motion sensors. This information can prove invaluable if intruders attempt to circumvent your defenses; or even if anything were to happen while you’re away from house! Furthermore, Nexia allows users to take advantage of their mobile phones’ capabilities and access their PC remotely to carry out tasks such as checking in online or downloading software updates.

6. Samsung Smart Things: Control multiple devices with a single app

If you happen to own an array of Samsung Smart Things devices, then you will undoubtedly be enthralled by their compatibility with Samsung SmartThings app. This makes it possible for users to gain complete control over each connected appliance with a single application!

Through the intuitive interface of this app, users can quickly and easily discover any device within their home that’s currently in operation – which could prove particularly advantageous when it comes to keeping tabs on what needs attention before tackling any repairs.

7. Nest Thermostat: Set temperature and program heating and cooling remotely

Nest is an exquisite thermostat that takes advantage of your home’s existing wiring to provide automated temperature control. Nest can be set to specify a desired temperature without actually turning on the heat or air conditioning unit – you simply need to make sure that it’s within its range!

Whether you’re away for the weekend or busy running errands, the choice is yours – nest can keep your home at the temperature you prefer most conveniently. You can also create short and long-term schedules for heating and cooling this way; ideal for ensuring a snug environment when you return home.

Nest provides an array of customizable preferences and settings to suit every need within your household. Utilize any of these options: adjust how frequently you’d like to receive an alert about your set temperatures; decide whether to turn off your heating system during nighttime hours; as well as specifying what will take place should temperatures fall outside of designated limits – such as shutting down any HVAC systems in operation if this should occur!

8. Insteon Hub: Control all of your lights

With the Insteon Hub, you can easily monitor and control any of your 500+ connected devices – such as lamps, doorbells, and even sprinklers! This app allows you to seamlessly activate these appliances when desired.

Residual energy can be wasted if a lamp is left on after someone has departed an area. The Insteon Hub takes care of this by automatically switching off any lights that are still energized; all it requires is for one device to be connected.


In search of an outlet? Discover what outlets are located near you and plan your next trip. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re familiarizing yourself with the nearest ones; otherwise you could be stranded without access!

To locate the nearest outlet, simply enter your address into the app and voila – in mere moments it will provide insight into what options are available in your area.

and more via an app

With an app, your appliances can now be managed from anywhere in the world! You’ll no longer have to trudge off to a store or venture out in order to manage your appliances.

Rather than relinquishing control over your home appliances to technicians, you can easily and conveniently manage them using connected applications.

With smart technology at your fingertips, you can effortlessly keep tabs on all the major components of your appliance.


Take the time to comprehend what’s possible with these apps! They will help you become more efficient, expedite maintenance tasks and streamline your day.


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