Unlock the Hidden Gems of the Pacific Northwest with These Washington Travel Tips!

Washington is a veritable paradise for travelers, offering an array of activities and experiences to suit any itinerary. From bustling metropolises such as Seattle or lively college towns like Pullman, Washington has it all! Or if you’re seeking less bustling settings with more natural surroundings then take advantage of one of its stunning national parks – from Olympic National Park in the state of Washington or Crater Lake National Park in California; both offer jaw-dropping views that cannot be missed!

Whether you’re planning an epic road trip across America or simply dreaming of an unforgettable getaway within your own backyard, these tips can help unlock the secret treasures of Washington’s Pacific Northwest.

5 Tips on How to Have the Best Washington Travel Experience

Finally, here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your Washington travel:

Pack an umbrella in your bag when you venture outside; even on sunny days, it can provide some relief! When you venture into the outdoors, keep an eye out for lightning – there’s always that chance it could strike nearby. If you happen to find yourself caught in this stormy weather, seek shelter immediately!

If you’re traveling with children, consider booking accommodations with a pool or Kids Club. These features can be a lifesaver when traveling with little ones! Likewise if you’re bringing along pets – whether it’s a dog or cat – don’t forget to take them along on your vacation!

With so much to see and do in Washington, don’t miss out on any opportunity to explore all that this majestic state has to offer. Discover its captivating cities, enjoy awe-inspiring nature reserves and visit iconic landmarks like Mount Rainier National Park and Seattle Center.

1. Visit the Oregon Coast

If you’re seeking a piece of paradise, don’t stray too far from the iconic Oregon Coast.

With its secluded beaches and crashing waves, the legendary state boasts some of the most captivating sights in America. Visiting this region is an unforgettable experience that can’t be missed; here are just a few must-see spots!

Hood River’s bustling waterfront is one of the best places in town to bask in natural wonders while enjoying some time under the sun. If you venture up onto Washington State’s northern tip, it becomes possible to witness firsthand how majestic Mount Rainier can appear from an advantageous vantage point – the perfect opportunity for capturing breathtaking images!

2. Hit up Seattle and the Great Outdoors

Seattle, the metropolis that shares its name with Washington’s administrative capital, is a captivating destination offering endless opportunities for exploration. It boasts some of the country’s most celebrated natural wonders, including enchanting beaches and awe-inspiring wildlife sanctuaries; moreover, there are breathtaking mountain ranges within driving distance where hikers can revel in anywhere from leisurely strolls down gentle slopes to exhilarating expeditions along more advanced trails!

If you’re seeking an outing in Seattle complete with adventure, consider heading out on a kayaking excursion around Lake Union or perhaps trying your hand at windsurfing or kiteboarding – all providing opportunities for exhilarating experiences!

3. Get Lost in the Gorge of the Cascades

Have you ever contemplated what an evocative place could be? To the uninitiated, these cliffs boast captivating natural beauty and striking whiteness; they’re some of the most stunning sights in all of North America!

To experience this breathtaking landscape firsthand, it is imperative to make a road trip out of it. We recently took a jaunt from Seattle to Pullman, Washington – one of dozens of excursions that can be undertaken here for a truly unforgettable time out! You could opt for longer journeys like journeying from Seattle to Vancouver (with a detour through Portland) or explore the spires of Mt. Saint Helens before reaching home base in Tacoma.

4. Take in Some Big-Rig Steam Trains

You won’t have any trouble locating the nearest train station in Washington. There are quite a few cross-state routes, as well as some international connections too!

The Olympian Hiawatha and Cascade Hiawatha offer daily services between Seattle and Portland; stopping at Tacoma, Everett and Spokane along the way before arriving at their final destination. The Columbia River Gorge excursion is punctuated by various stops along its journey from Tacoma to Boardman; offering visitors the opportunity for an unparalleled three-hour expanse of scenery that cannot be found anywhere else on earth! Finally, there’s also a mighty Sunset Limited with its more than two-day excursion from Los Angeles to New Orleans with multiple stops throughout the Southwest region – truly an unforgettable journey!

For expeditious journeys across the country or even abroad, there are numerous options available when it comes to steam trains. Check out Amtrak’s website to find out which destinations they offer train service between and choose your preferred route!

5. Explore the Olympic Peninsula

Discover the most alluring corners of Washington’s mountainous peninsula, from its idyllic setting amid towering peaks and shimmering bays to the captivating array of museums and art galleries here. Also be sure not to miss out on hiking at Mt. St. Helens and exploring Lummi Island; add these two excursions to your itinerary if you can!

Begin with a visit to Forks, Washington. This oft-neglected outpost nestled between two majestic waterfalls is an ideal resting place for travelers looking for calm refuge away from bustling cities; it offers a respite from city life while still allowing access to essential services such as lodging and cuisine catering.

There’s More…

Is your travel schedule filling up yet? If not, don’t worry: there’s still plenty of Washington to explore. Just bear in mind that this state has much more than just a couple of cities and seceded territories that make it so captivating; it also offers you an array of diverse landscapes, cultures and flavors such as fresh seafood and bold beers – all within traveling distance!

Venture beyond Seattle into the Blue Mountains for panoramic views of the Puget Sound region. Then journey eastward to discover the Eastern Shore’s sumptuous waterways, as well as its idyllic villages nestled amidst lush vegetation; after which you must venture southward before journeying westward along the Pacific Coast Highway towards Neo-Gothic churches dotting seaside cliff faces; before finally ending on the Tri-Cities area where breathtaking oil refineries lie amid verdant countryside – offering a tantalizing glimpse into life beyond urban cities!

Within Washington DC itself, be sure to visit Lafayette Park and Tidal Basin for their famously beautiful cherry trees in bloom. Furthermore, if you have time for one more excursion beyond town then consider visiting Arlington National Cemetery for its breathtaking headstones!


The Pacific Northwest is a veritable trove of rewarding experiences, be it for business or leisure. Whether you’re planning your next trip to this captivating region or simply curious about its landscapes and attractions, our team can assist!


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